Predators Fundraiser

There are four prizes. At the end of each quarter (or first, second, and third quarters and the end of the game, in case of overtime), the winner will be determined by intersecting the column and row whose numbers match the last digit of each team's score.

$20 per square, pick as many as you want! Prizes are listed below this message. Once the entire grid is full, numbers will be assigned. Please pay by PayPal (preferred) or give cash to a coach or squad mom. Use the following link for PayPal - Thanks for helping with this fundraiser!!! Good luck!!

Prizes:   1st Quarter: 200  |  Half: 200  |  3rd Quarter: 200  |  Final: 400
  Winning Team
Losing Team   8 6 9 2 0 1 7 4 3 5
5 Sarah Flores Vicki Britton Melanie Curtis Desmond's Mom Lucy Sholtis Mike Swank Jen Kramer Andrew the Goon Donovan family Jacquie Wheeler
7 Stewski Nancy Piatt Declan and Gianna Linda Mobley Chris Thompson & Team LLC Dodson boys Noni Desmond's Mom Genua Vicki Britton Chase
3 Covert Chris Johnson Nancy Sterne Jorge Herrera Richard smith Kevin Gibbs Natalie Cioffi Desmond's Mom Chris Thompson & Team LLC Tiffany Vidt
9 Desmond's Mom Stewski Eric Bauer Lacey McGrew Scott Schroding Asen Nikolow Wil sowers Chris Thompson & Team LLC Zac Taylor Nancy Piatt
6 Carol Parker-Perez Steve Hartman CGrese Natalie Cioffi L & C Hunt Bauer Melanie Curtis Desmond's Mom Josh Ware Nancy Sterne
8 Kevin Coleman Clark Crew Wendell Nester Andrew the Goon Sharon Evelyn Dixon CGrese Josh Ware Desmond's Mom Melanie Curtis
0 Chris Thompson & Team LLC Steve Mullinix Desmond's Mom Jon King Wil sowers Samuel Fraley Josh Ware Kevin Gibbs Wendell Nester Jorge Herrera
2 Lucy Sholtis Aaron Rupp Joe Considine Melanie Curtis Randy Pickett Heather Covert Kelly Kendle Steve Youngs Nancy Piatt Desmond's Mom
1 Dodson boys Noni Grooming By Evelyn LLC Wes Mobley Chris Thompson & Team LLC Linda Mobley Desmond's Mom Stewski Lacey McGrew Mandy Dodier Justin
4 Heather Considine Desmond's Mom James S Zlotaks Justin Mike Swank Chris Thompson & Team LLC Nancy Sterne Donovan family Carol Parker-Perez